We are not a church, but a ministry, with our Lord Jesus Christ as the founder and pillar. We fully involve in the preaching, teaching and evangelizing the Word of God in fulfilling the command issued out by our Lord to His followers in the book of Mark 16:15. And in doing this command of preaching Gospel to all creatures of the world, we add to our method of using the Bible, going into the Quran to know those things said about Jesus and those things He said about Himself and person or people etc.

We try to know from these two world prominent books (the Bible and the Quran), how relevant is His Birth, Death and Resurrection and the much talk about His coming again to judge this world in the lives and hope of every soul. We present the truths as they are in those religious books just for people to know and grasp the truths that can make them to come to the right knowledge of the living God through Christ our Lord. There is nothing one can put in place of truth that can be exactly like the truth. Truth is Truth.


We have published books in which adequate information about the sincere and value of the Gospel (the Good News) of our Lord Jesus Christ to the whole world is adequately introduced to people.

Also this website - - also serves as a medium of publishing and propagating the gospel of Christ, and reaching souls all over the globe.

By God's grace we will continue more than before to propagate this gospel of Christ with all godly methods available to us.