Saturday, February 23, 2019


Though, l have this explanation in one of my books titled, Special Study on: THE MARINE KINGDOM. But I must take pain to state here that the answer is purely spiritual. The reason is that witchcraft spirit don't possess anything rubber, rather it is highly irritating to them due to an underlined odour which is spiritually known as "kazini". This word is interpreted in English to mean - "anti-evil". This odour in anything rubber is seriously most perceived by forces of darkness.

On the other hand, the source of every wool is more of 90% organic and 5-10% chemical. While rubber is 10% organic, 90% chemical. We may only physically identify only one type of cotton wool tree, but forces of darkness identify three types of cotton wool trees based on the country and the nature of the land where a single or group of cotton wool trees is grown and harvested. But one thing is pertinently common with all cotton wool trees, this is the fact that these demons possessed any cotton wool tree easily, used it as a lunching base in their capacity as the sole supervisory triangular demons by coven names: "CASACRA, HAZIAZI and MAGONI-ANO". These are quite wicked demons supervising several other demons trained to attack people's triangular pillars of destiny, which are: vision, mission and motion. Without a VISION there can never be a MISSION. And vision and mission bring in motion. Now, (either rightly or wrongly, progression or retrogression) has to be the position of MOTION. Whichever is this position determines how far a fellow can go fulfilled in this life with his or her God ordained VISION and MISSION.

This is anchored on how knowledgeable or not is every fellow based on whether is exposed or not to spiritual information such as this. We must seek for knowledge to be linked with wisdom in this life, if not to be perished will be very easy, cheap and fast.

Now, for further analysis, those three demons  mentioned earlier, maintain their grip or possession on any woolen product. They attack destiny effectively through wool with the contact woolen material has with head in a particular costly and unsuspecting manner. How? The reason is this, it is a common knowledge that head grows hairs. The difference between the hairs found on the head and those found on any other parts of the body is that the hairs on the heads each has a very wide spiritual hole (an opening) that cannot be seen with mortal eyes. And each of these hairs breathe through its hole. The danger here is that those three terrible demons operating in wool as their base find it as an opportunity using those spiritual holes in hairs as an entrance and exist to have a damning in road into people's lives to wreck havoc through the "literal litany of attaching and fastening or tying wool to people's natural hairs". In other words, the process of attaching or fastening and tying anything wool to natural hairs, seriously help demons to gain their inroad. And, to go heaven by any one who dies or alternatively caught up with rapture while still plating hairs with wool is doubtful. No polluted vessel or temple qualifies to enter into the kingdom of God.

Hence, my passionate plea or advice for a Christians especially for anyone who has access to this information, is to constantly seek for spiritual information that guarantee wisdom in order to life. For the Bible says, "my people perish for lack of wisdom".


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