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Christian, seek not yet repose;

hear thy guardian angel say;

thou art in the midst of foes;
watch and pray!

Principalities and powers,

mustering their unseen array,

wait for thine unguarded hours,
watch and pray!

Gird thy heavenly Armour on, 

wear it every night and day; 

ambushed lurks the evil one, 
watch and pray!

The above write-up in stanzas are brought out from the popular Christian Hymn titled ‘CHRISTIAN, SEEK NOT’. These are the first three stanzas of the six-stanza hymn. From these first three stanzas I commence introducing to you some critical issues that form part and foundation of this book. This hymn is one of those divinely inspired ones that clearly speak the passionate mind of God toward all Christians. In this very hymn, especially in its above first 3-stanza, every Christian is given the picture or nature of the enemies (the principalities and powers) and their high level at which they have long been battle-ready with different kinds of organized spiritually destructive weapons and time (unguarded hours) they are to struck momentarily. That is why, in each and every last line of the stanza, a Christian is warned and instructed to be watchful and prayerful. Every Christian must be ready and conscious to gird his/her ‘heavenly armour’ on, wear it every day and night. The reason is, these enemies assigned against every Christian lurk around in ambush for us, in collaboration with ‘one self of our self’’.  What is self and what is a Christian’s heavenly armour?

The Meaning of ‘SELF’

“Every living being is a walking and working trinity, which is by biblical mathematics concluded to be ‘3 selves in 1’. 
The body or flesh = 1, it is a perishable or temporary outside self.
The spirit and soul = 2, they are central and eternal inner selves. These are jointly the real or main SELF or MAN. Therefore, a man’s flesh or the body + soul + spirit = '3 in 1' whole or full SELF”, having the spirit as the sole controller that is controlling the trinitized or triune self. The only problem of the spirit is the body/flesh which is consistently warring against the spirit.

Now, a heavenly armour mentioned in the first line of the third stanza in the earlier hymn, is every bit of God’s word for a Christian’s spiritual safety. “A Christian must have the word of God readily hot in him/her to be discharged time to time not only against the enemies without (which are Satan and his hosts), also against the main enemy within, which is every person’s outward ‘self’ who is the chief or fore-most enemy against a man’s ‘two inner-self’, which are man’s spirit and soul, which constitute every individual ‘core spiritual him or her, otherwise known as “the inner-man”.

Regrettably, acting forcefully against God is this man’s outward Self, which is “a man’s carcass of mere mobile dust or sands”,which is very wicked but, ironically and mysteriously serves as a physical defense, holder and house to the spirit and soul. And, it is this two (the spirit and soul) that are the basic and meaningful essence of God in all human beings, especially as Christians.

One of the keywords of God clearly states, ‘he that gets wisdom loves his own soul – (Prov. 19:8). Another God’s word says, ‘wisdom is better than strength’- (Eccl.9:16). God’s word also describes ‘wisdom’ as the principal thing – (Proverbs 4:7). A needed information secured is a foundation of wisdom. That is why any Christian who lacks the kind of divinely informative wisdom about the ‘two unseen opposing kingdoms’ which are (God’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom) we keep put in books time to time, such a Christian amounts to nothing in this life. 

The absence of such wisdom, forms part of the key reasons that are making many Christians to be ignorantly warming up daily so eagerly to go to hell in thoughts and actions. 
Now, let me start this way to reveal early enough as possible here. Let me first call your attention to the second and third lines of the first stanza of that hymn that says: 
               "Hear thy guardian angel say;
              ‘Thou art in the midst of foes"

Listen, these two statements stated above here being part of that hymn, keep me in remembrance of ‘the guardian angels assigned from God, and the giant angels from Satan, this second group of angels serve as enemies of man from birth’, mostly to be accusers of every Christian very early in life. 

In other words, ‘when a child is born newly, such a child is born into the waiting hands of two distinct groups of angels, these are: (a) guardian angels assigned from God and they are seven in number, and (b) the other group are giant angels, who are accusers or attackers angels assigned from the pit of hell by Satan, and are twenty-one in number.  While the assigned God’s angels deliver God’s blessings and protective values automatically till the child gets to the age of accountability (knowing the right from wrong), that is the stage the guardian angels will now be working on what that child says out, especially in term of prayers. Satan’s angels on the other side, are right from the birth of the child serve as ‘accusers’ and attackers, generally to constantly accusing and seek to attack the child in the presence of those guardian angels assigned by God. 

They keep presenting several reasons why such a child is their own property. In fact, backing up their arguments from the Bible as to spiritual legal ground they have to accuse and attack such a child. Some of those things they see as errors or ground on which they can freely attack a fellow very early from birth are: 

(a) the child’s wrong/faulty family foundation, such as, the sin or iniquity of the fore-fathers. 

(b) The sin/iniquity of either or both parents before or when the child was being conceived in the womb. 

(c) The presence of an incision put on a child from infancy which he/she is still bearing at adulthood without breaking the satanic power attaching to it. This attacks may be strengthened or not, it depends on the type and meaning of any name or name given him or her on the eight day. 
This creates a serious ground of accusation and the outright attacks against such a child by the hosts of darkness. 

(d) Any particular demonic material such as protective charm, together with demon-inspired fashion-related material and so on find hung on the neck, waist and any part on the body of such a child. 

(e) Even, mere registering with and going through some pregnancy checks and tests at a maternity home owed by a native (occult) doctor by a pregnant or nursing mother. 

(f) Drinking and feeding from a strange food or concoction prepared by a native (occult) doctor by a pregnant woman. These afore-listed are odds against a child as she/he grows in life. In other words, these evil angels continuously resisting every attempt at getting that child achieved his or her God’s ordained destiny in life. And God’s ordained overall destiny for all mankind, especially Christians is the promise of eternal life. And this is what Satan and his hosts mostly focus at to take away from the life of every Christian. Let me quickly explain the meaning of pit of hell. 

Pit of hell, which you do hear people mention casually and which I equally mention here, is not connected with the real hell created for Satan and his hosts for their eternal punishment and suffering but, it is a likeness of that real hell created. That is, the pit of hell here, is a pit-related strikingly horrible an abode, which is a special abode for some special wicked demons whose population runs into 6.6 billion found at the 75th realm known as the highest realm of the marine kingdom. 

This huge population of wicked demons are reserved for two eternally destructive tasks or duties: (a) to primarily be assigned as accusers against a child from birth especially a potential heaven-bound Christian, with special attention importantly being paid to the list of such Christians who would be ministers of God later in life. (b) Secondly, these are the demons already trained and whose spiritual attacking expertise is cross-examined by Satan on daily basis, and are assigned against the church, specifically to rest assured that no Christian go to heaven. 

These demons are in 3 classes and are against 3 classes of Christians. These demons have been on the loose for active secret operation since 1960, exactly fifty four years as at the time of writing this book in 2014. 

The first class of these demons are assigned to cause every Christian who goes to church willingly to suddenly see the reason not to go again. To be targeted and possessed with the spirit of weariness by coven named "Gonshabra". The second class of these demons are coven called "Nahazatma", assigned against a Christian who is stable, fervent and generally doing well in the faith but targeted to be manipulated for back-sliding in the spirit, by going into various kinds of secret sins (even such a Christian can still be physically fervent, it does not matter). Satan will see that such a Christian never finds his/her spiritual feet back again into his/her spiritual senses of living away from his/her secret sin that will eventually lead him/her to hell. Any Christian in this category is quickly attacked and be killed because they used the legal ground of secret sins as a launching base. That is why there is a case of a Christian who committed suicide to avoid the open shame of the leakage of one secret sin or another.

The third which is the last and most determined and wicked witchcraft marine dragon spirits, happen to be the co-coordinators for the two classes already mentioned. They are "Gihizabris" demons recruited from a smoky and repulsively smelling region by coven named "Atachia-zebibi. It is one of the few tiny regions in the pit of hell. Pit of hell comprises several regions, most of which are wide caves in nature.  The said class of demons recruited from this region of the pit of hell are specifically assigned against the church leaders, in the ranks of founders of churches (to be brought into eternal damnation at all cost). I mean, church leaders such as General Overseers, Assistant General Overseers (G.Os, A.G.Os), Regional or Provincial pastors, all senior pastors and other ministers heading one group or another in their ministries. 

Even, including Sunday schools, theological schools, and evangelism departmental heads and so on. Note, most of these afore-mentioned ministers must have been seen by Satan and his hosts as those who are heaven-bound (the potential saints who are on their way to Eternal Life). So, they are not just after ordinary minister of God. 

A cross-section in the class of these same demons are equally assigned and trained for keep for eternal torture of any General Overseer and any other church leader who will unluckily trade away his or her eternal life in exchange of hell fire. It will be most hellishly pathetic that day for such a minister to find him/herself in hell. 
It is very sad to note today that Satan is having an edge through this class of special demons, to have tactically and successfully  manipulated a great number of our leaders in the Church today to have carelessly, without ‘taking heed’ (1Cor. 10:12), fallen in love with the world. Satan keeps using their positions as cheap and effective tools against them. Yet, Satan is seriously desiring more than ever to lead as many of our church leaders to hell. 

“Most of our fathers in the faith today are living and behaving as if they are babes in the body of Christ. They act the kind of lives best be likened to a child who is sent on an important errand to deliver a priceless crown made of precious stones to a king somewhere. But instead of strictly facing his way and carefully keeping watchful and mindful of the precious crown given to him, he lost caution and chooses to be momentarily waiting along his way to stare at and play with every shinning thing that looks seemingly attractive to him. He moves along handling the crown carelessly, heading toward the forfeiture of the crown and making the entire journey to be tailored toward meaninglessness and sorrow”. 

Another clear analogy is that most of our church leaders, especially the General Overseers are acting like some earthly army generals who have different respective battalion of army in an atmosphere of a war front in a fierce battle. But suddenly in the midst of the ongoing battle in the war front for that matter, they start watching films being shown from a large screen, as a result, they are getting carried away by several side attractions of mere shinning and so seemingly attractive materials. These are what the Generals and their troop are busy picking at the battle field, filling their bags with those materials which become a needless weights disturbing them to fight better fight unlike when they started. This is the direct position of our church leaders today.

In fact, the case of these church leaders, our General Overseers and others bothers God seriously. I mean, those who and their ministries started well on the right footing of holiness but suddenly becoming sick, dying and dead in preaching and teaching of holiness message. God may not really bother or mindful of the case of those who started their ministries purely on worldly platform. Beside the sudden failure of cross section of church leaders to preach and teach holiness, a serious canker-worm that is increasingly eating its way so deep into the spiritual fabric of the church today are: 

The abnormal acquisition of property in the way of the world.
Keeping abnormally busy in investing excessively in structures in the church rather than in souls and evangelical works.
Bringing the activities like sport, game and other things that are practically of the world to be found in the church. 

High abnormal rate of selfish style of turning themselves into gospel merchants or business men, floating and financing all manner of businesses, especially all categories of school whose charges are chasing away the children of the poor in the church whose tithes and offerings form the bulk of money being enjoyed, looted and laundered away to personal accounts of the individual(s) who himself or themselves found at the top echelon of the church. These and many other character-disorder as canker-worms remain one of the avenues and weapons to cause them to loose spiritual focus by engrossing their minds with so much lust for the acquisition of perishable things and quest for worldly fame and attainment against what they were initially called and anointed to do. 

The class of demons from the pit of hell, act in a very dangerous kind of destructively civilized way by trying to first allow (not posing any attack) against the seeming prosperity of most of this great number of church leaders today. Satan has at this end time as it were, using the adequate riches of this world acquired by these church leaders, as weapons to ceaselessly attack them with conscious and unconscious incurable desire to amass more mundane things of this world. The damning quest to have this and that has actually rendered their spirit of discernment dead, if they ever had one at all. to perfect his trick, Satan as doctored for them some lies as excuses to be presented as to why they acquire those mundane things and to why they introduce football in the Church. O Oh h, sorry they are using football as  means of evangelism in the Church. WHICH EVANGELISM? You can imagine such a lie from the pit of hell. Brethren, this is unfortunate. Either the devil like it or not, I must expose him (the devil) by constantly telling this bitter truth for the sole sake of those, whose eternal destiny is at stake here. God will punish me if I do not deliver this message and others still coming. 
You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32). The choice is yours! 


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