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- Plus my life as a former jihadist -

Born and brought up in an Islamic background, a family ridden with occultism. I was a victim of a broken home, even before I was born. My daddy died very early in life, (I did not grow up to know him). He had several wives. My mother was the least of them all. I found myself stayed with, and in care of my mother throughout my childhood life.  Mostly my late grandmother, Alhaja Aminat and her first son (my uncle) Alhaji Usman (also late), took part greatly in my upbringings. No thank to my mother's preoccupation with business activities being a big time businesswoman. My uncle (in particular), used to be a devout Muslim with deep religious consciousness (I mean, he was so Islamic zealous), this paved way for my being nurtured up so deeply in jihadistic way. I have finished the whole Quran very early in life.

In 1976, my mother got to know a Pakistani Ahmadiyya missionary attached to an Ahmadiyyah Grammar school in a town in Ondo state Nigeria, where the missionary was a teacher. My mother handed me over to this white man, who took me along with himself to resume as one of the second set students of that institution. Before I completed my studies in this school, I had developed a great zeal and an incurable interest in the act of persecution and real war (known as jihad) against Christians, those that Islam regarded as unbelievers. I, alongside some other youths were secretly being fed with some religious poisonous messages by some students who happened to be our mates and among our seniors. Apart from what we were hearing from these said students within the school against Christ and Christianity, there were these other two venues outside the school I used to visit for lectures on persecutions and propaganda in company of other fanatical students for the propagation of Islam.

The organizers of those lectures would back what they told us in the lectures with some texts of the Quran (i.e. Surah 2:216, 9:29, 2:190-194, 47:4) etc. They would also bring out different versions of the Bible quoting and misquoting Bible upside down. Exalting and praising Mohammed so high by giving and amassing together for him several titles, names and descriptions ranging from zeal of prophet, miracles worker and so on. They were fond of castigating and criticizing Jesus Christ: many of them will say Jesus is an ordinary prophet of God. They used to tell us then that Jesus has his own sin, and he will answer query before God on the Day of Judgment and that the Bible is not the word of God. It has been corrupted, and so on.

I could not forget a day I asked these three questions when they demanded to know who has any.               

My questions:

(a) Is there any particular verse in the Quran which points to any miracle which Mohammed ever performed that qualifies him to be a miracle worker?

(b) Is there any verse also in the Quran which points to the sin of Jesus and his possibility of facing any judgment?

(c) Please   sir, lastly, where in the Quran can one find a verse that establishes the fact that the Bible has been corrupted?

These are crucial questions for critics in Islam to be answered till today.

To my surprise, instead of answering these questions, they went angry against me, warning me that I should not ask such questions again. From these questions and the attendant harsh reactions instead of answering my questions, were enough to make me aware that everything about Islam (their claims and all the rest) are sheer lies. The devil still held me bound in this religion for years, until the time I bowed out of ignorance and darkness by God’s grace.

“Now, I come to understand that one major area which Satan will first love to attack in a person in order to put the fellow in a religious bondage is the mind”.

Satan will first seize the mind and blind it for the fellow not to be able to reason with anything that concerns God”.
So was my case before and still the case with several people today (mostly in Islam).

No wonder the Bible declares that:

“If this GOSPEL of our Lord Jesus is hid, it is hid unto those who are lost. In whom the “god” of this world has BLINDED the MIND to hinder the GOSPEL’S LIGHT from shinning upon them”
-2Cor. 3-4.

Even though, till date, Ahmadiyyah maintain quite peaceful (not violent) missionary faith but throughout my secondary school days in that Ahmadiyyah Grammar school, I was into active duties of forming different associations in collaboration a group of another Islamic movement from other denomination, going round from schools to schools championing the cause of Islam in the name of Allah. In fact, I was great influenced by this group. Fanatics are still enjoying all manner of supports today from within and outside the country. “Some of these Islamic scholars, leaders and fanatics quite aware several truths about Jesus but, they choose to sell their conscience and precious souls for “the perishable gain” such as money, their religious titles and positions’, in exchange of their eternal safety which, only Jesus can offer”.

Well, fortunately or unfortunately, whichever way you may put it, all the knowledge I gained so far was rooted in paganism and occultism”. Any religious school set up and the knowledge of knowing and serving God there outside Jesus Christ, such a school and the knowledge being obtained there are paganistic. Honestly, there was nothing I hated most to hear before than the name of JESUS CHRIST. “What made me to hate a Christian is simply Jesus name”. My only problem was Jesus Christ.  Each time I met an evangelist or   a Christian who had the boldness and love of preaching to me I would have time to listen to him as long as he was mentioning God not 'JESUS' as a name. But, immediately I heard him mentioning Jesus, my mood would change from patience to violence. He had pressed my ANGER button.

All of this can best be described as a carnal violence that involves physical harassment. This first started practically in my days in the secondary school as a boarding student. I loved to secretly wreck havoc on the properties of other students who are Christians. I used to do this in the middle of the night by targeting any of their personal effects such as glass cups, plates, and other breakable valuables, pouring water into their gallons of kerosene etc. Each time I walked pass where they spread their cloth I either stained those cloth with dirts, or I dropped them down on the ground and marched on them. Any copy of their Holy Bible I fortunately saw, l would tear it into pieces completely. Any student, I found too serious for Christ, would be planned for and dealt with seriously. I was doing all this in agreement with these texts of the Quran, which say:

“O you who believe (that is, the Muslims), you must not take Jews and Christians as friends. Any of you who take them as friends is considered as one of them…”
                                   (Sura 5:51).

Another text says:
“O you who believe, fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find harshness in you…”-(Sura 9:123). 

These texts and others led me into active Jihad in my obedience to the message of those texts. Going into serious hatred against Christians under the guise of defending a perceived holy book, a prophet, sometimes, in the name of Allah.

Look! Satan knows that a man’s main and only spiritual solution (especially his way to God) is Jesus Christ. So, he is doing everything possible daily mostly through religious deception and perversion we are seeing today through Islamic extremism or militancy to oppose any knowledge a man may want to have to turn to God through Jesus Christ.

That is why the Muslims will till tomorrow find it difficult to reason with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Except those of them, who Jesus Himself shows mercy upon and saves, the way He did in my own case.

My war of hatred never limited to the physical method but it included spiritual:                                                               


“As you have read in the first part of my testimony about how I sojourned in the kingdom of darkness through an influenced initiation in the hand of a marine witchcraft agent woman. This further aspect of my testimony explains how my earlier experience in what I can call the "Living Room" of Satan helped my being in his parlor. You need to know my deeper life in a religious form or version of witchcraft through ungodly and religious knowledge and lifestyle”.
It is quite unfortunate to note today that being a strong and knowledgeable Muslim (being referred to with this hypocritical title of either as (AIfa or Mallim), but buried within me then, a 'quintessential satanism' unknown to any mortal man. I used to respond to regular hailing, praises and all sort of regards being accorded me, this was a false thinking that the devil gave me and the people around to make me look like a religious and a serious man of Allah, or (call it a  man of God then). With my big turban around my head, and ‘a never reached ground’ pairs of trousers, I either put my long rosary around my neck or held it with either of my hands (left or right hand), dangling and counting it all about even in the full glare of the public just to show that I was a religious man. My bushy beard, coupled with a dark spot at the center of my shinning fore-head were always there,(as a PRIDE of being a devoted Muslim). All this appeared glaringly as intimidating and religiously fanatical signs that spoke volume of me as an outstanding occult man and a Jihadist. This appearance made me to be so ugly then, unlike now when Jesus has made me to be handsome, (looking kempt and trimmed).

One thing you must know is that, most (not all) of these religious persons who you always see with the counting and dangling long rosary either in private or public places are very wicked fellows. In other words, they are in close contact or relationship with several Evil Spirits.

I found myself under this negatively strange system and submissively being used before by the evil spirits as a vessel, having been earlier influenced into the the kingdom of darkness, this later helped tremendously negatively throughout my religious life as Muslim.

By satanic spiritual power churches that are not fully recognized by God can easily be burnt down through magical black eggs.

On several occasions we invoked the spirit of Luke-warmness, disagreement that often led into fighting to disorganize the church, (causing the church members to be dispersed, so that the church could run down in those unfortunate days. Again we used the attack of enmity (spreading hatred among members, so that they won’t love one another. We applied all these attacks mostly in churches we noticed to be ‘fire soaked’, so that the fire of God that is burning there could easily be quenched, and this would pave way for us to carry out another round of easy attack (especially on members’ spiritual lives). This evil thing is still going on till today in several of these notable churches especially where the word of God and His fire, is fully rooted. One of the the terrible effects of this attack is telling Churches today. That is why many men of God have  abandoned the initial mission or message God entrusted in their hands and embrace prosperity-based message, many have brought the game of foot ball into their ministries and so on. This is not ordinary but a serious attack from the kingdom of darkness to deny those ministers involved eternal life. That is why most of these notable churches around us today that were once on fire in the past they are share empty vessels nowadays, ignorant people are still been cheaply get attracted to them as venues to get deliverance, but the deliverance keep tarrying in the lives of people. No fire again in those churches. The god of money has taken over those churches. People (church members, especially our General overseers must repent before it is too late for them). 

That is why the Bible says: “Wherefore let him that think he stand take heed lest he fall”—(1 Corin. 10:12). A ‘witch’ has no mercy other than being outrightly wicked! 

What we are discussing here is a serious matter.

There are classes of witches or evil spirits generally. Their names, where they normally present (I mean their covens) and their specific assignments, all these differentiate them. There are particular four out of these numerous evil spirits that constantly wreck havoc among men.

In the Quran, Iblis or al-Shaitan (called Satan or the devil) is referred to as a jinni (Sura 18:50), for the most part of Islamic belief or faith the jinn seem to exist in the popular mind at least as separate species of spirit. They are reportedly created of fire (Surah 55:15, 7:12) etc, they comprise a genus somewhere between angels and men. Like angels, they equally belong to the world of spirit. Like men also, they are distinguished from angels in that their habitation is within the human society, and not in the heavens. Look, if I may emphasize here, jinn (the demons) are very bad spirits. They are intensely jealous of human beings. They seek constantly to injure us. But funnily and unfortunately, the fears of jinn, or the desire to get rid and use the service of these demons, are the motivating forces in the practices of many ordinary Muslims.
 Just as the names and functions of many of the angels are specified in the core-Islamic world so there is parallel identification of roles and titles for jinn. In Arabic, various labels for these spirits describe their typical activities. Jinn are in fact referred to as Khafi which means ‘concealed’ as 'ghul' from a root word meaning to ‘destroy’ or as 'afrit' from a root word meaning ‘to roll in the dust’.

In order not to refer directly to jinn which can provoke their attacks, Islamic-folk often speak of them by allusion. In the Arab world, a common Arabic term being used to referred to them is "hasuk al-nas" meaning ‘those who are here’, but in Persia (present day Iran), the Arabic term being used to indirectly referred to jinn (the demons) is "az ma bihtaran" which means ‘those better than ourselves’, you can imagine that statement: when out of fear a group of people claim jinn (demons are better than them.

But the Bible says:
 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love, and of sound mind”- (1 Tim. 1:7).

One of the outstanding characteristics of witches is their ability to change shape and form. A commonly known Arabic named witch is ‘A’isha Qandisha’. This kind of evil spirit (a witch) has some key destructive missions among men and women, these include:

To present herself to men as a beautiful woman or a lady. Sometimes being a chief or an expert seductress, she often finds it very easy to seduce several foolish and ignorantly men and women.

The primary goals:

To ruin marriages (scatter homes). Is either a man or a woman suddenly put two out of his or her cloths of his pairs inside a nylon bag, she will change into an image of a handsome man who is talented or rich to entice  spiritually empty women (who are loose). That is why you see person leaves his or her marital home and be living away with another strange woman or a man. This evil spirit does not need to come to the said marital home to pick either the wife or husband away, but the attack is done by shooting the arrow known as shemeh in the covens and in the world of evil spirit in general.
To bring human being from grace to grass (especially some unsuspecting and careless rich man who are doing well in their chosen career.
(i) They attack them through money they received from these rich men. Money has a spirit working with it called mammoth, but known by a witchcraft term as "mehemel" in the spirit world. He is a tiny thing with two hanging 'signboards' on his body (one at the front on a 'signboard' painted with white, with a message that reads: "Mission for constructions" written in golden color. The other 'signboard' at the back of personality called money, has a message written in black color, it reads: "Mission for destructions". The meanings of the two messages on the spirit of money points to what money you are seeing and spending in the physical world represents in the spirit realm, which are 'good and evil'. The effects of which are being seeing daily in our world today for 'good and for evil'. In other words, "money constructs many today", and "money destructs many" likewise. It all depends the side money turns to you and I. And I pray here that money will forever turns his front 'sign-board' to you and I for mission for construction of our lives,in Jesus name, Amen.

One of the most important and salient destructions assigned to marine witchcraft agents to be wrecked in the lives of careless and Christless fellows are various money-induced sexual destructions. This channel to destroy men and women has been paying off from distance past to now. "Having very great number of humanity to have been destroyed by the power of message on the back signboard of money"

Foolishly, ignorant a man may claim he doesn’t have or will never have a sexual intercourse with a particular woman or lady but this man can give and continue to give his money to a particular woman who unknown to him, the woman belongs to the water spirit world. Let me tell you two things that are happening each time you are with such a woman in an intimate circumstance like the one in which there is an exchange of money: (a) She stares at your face (even mere glimpse into your eyes) the picture of your physical self and your inner man have been taken and sent it down to the water for their discussion on you, they tie victim down like an animal through this means far below the water. The more you keep your company with this evil (marine witchcraft) woman and she sees you the more your virtue and glory are being gradually polluted (stolen away into the water). Look, it is not a matter of a haste (no rushing) for the spirit to destroy a man, it can take time from the water they watch and monitor their captive. In fact, while a man thinks he is enjoying in the physical (riding cars, building houses and running after all other good things of this life) they, these evil spirits and others in different marine witchcraft agents, keep laughing at him. Because they know his shattered life waits ahead of him is a matter of timing. Worse still, the end result of this person is sudden death. They choose to strike him dead from where they tie him in the water and the death manifests in the physical. Sometimes, through him they can also catch any of his beloved one (it may be his precious child or his wife) etc. Because, in most cases they must have penetrated into a victim's life, making the victim a trap of bondage to people around him or her, to become an infection to any or all his immediate family, making them vulnerable to the attack of witchcraft agents.

Today, I am very grateful and happy that my Lord Jesus has delivered me from very deep journey into the camp of darkness back to His Light. Forever His name be praised – Amen.

One thing I know very sure is that, all I am writing and generally doing today for Jesus is neither by accident nor by my power, but through the divine arrangement, and the presence of Jesus Christ that lives in me through the power of the Holy Ghost. 

“Nothing can separate me from the Love of Jesus. I say nothing. Is it death, is it any problem of this world. Is it harassment, or incessant threats on phone? Not even the weaknesses of some pastors through their unchristian characters can discourage me. Principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and all others cannot separate me never again from this ever increasing intoxicating LOVE I have for my Lord Jesus”.

If the whole world has every reason not to follow Jesus tomorrow, I HAVE COUNTED EVERY COST TO FOLLOW HIM. I am convinced beyond every reasonable doubt backed by both the testimonies of the Bible and the Quran concerning Jesus' unequaled amazing glory, power and His unavoidable value and relevance in man’s eternal safety. The Quran chapter 3:45, points to Jesus as the Good News.  And this piece of the Good News must be preached certainly! 
So, I am not ashamed (or afraid) of preaching this Good News, for it is a power of God unto salvation to them that believe…”-Rom.1: 16.


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