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The summary of events of two out of the three distinct major chapters of my life till the time I was writing this book in the first quarter of the year 2017, is this: The first chapter dealt with those events that characterized my staying in the womb for 21 months till I was born as a baby till I grew up to age six. The second chapter deals with the events that cover the later part of my life from the ages 6 to 15 years. 

I was born, brought up and nurtured in an Islamic background, a kind of background that has quite an offensive setting against the Gospel.  I grew up early in life to discover that the needed parental cares, most especially to lead me to know God were absolutely absent.   

Between the ages of 13 to 15, I constantly had opportunities to give my life to Jesus Christ but, I continuously  rejected them. The worst blow that broke the camel’s back of my chances of knowing God was dealt on me by Satan precisely at the age of 15 in 1975.

I still remember vividly till date, how a middle aged woman of about 55 years old in whose care and custody I was, woke me up from the midst of three of her children at exactly 1 a.m. (I was under her care first because my parents suffered a broken home and second, I became an orphan shortly afterwards because of the death of my parents). The torch held by the woman revealed the time of the night as its light beamed on the only wall clock that was on the wall in that room that fateful day. This woman in question sat me down and ordered me to stretch forward my two hands. This I did. She then placed a small black clay pot on my hands. On receiving the pot she ordered me in a low tone to consume what the blackish pot contained. I obeyed without restraints until the pot was emptied of its content. It is important to state here state that I devoured the content of the pot like a ravenous wolf without any resistance because I acted under an overwhelming compulsive witchcraft spell. One of the strange things I ate from the pot was an egg done in black colour. I was able to recognize it was an egg when I broke it with my teeth and went on chewing it. After that demonic meal, she placed her hands on me and laid me back on the mat and I slept off. 

I had a very strange and horrible dream which I will live to remember for the rest of my life. I dreamed that I saw myself in the midst of an unknown eight other fellows; a man and seven fairly old women. They sat on a bunch of broom and fly-journeyed through massive under-water, making several entries into one strange place after another until we got into this so much strange,  rainbow-colored place, weather-condition with different people of divert unexplainable fearful shapes whose faces I found difficult to identify, not even a face of a single individual. It was in a particular cafĂ©-like crocodile mouth I was made to go through another eating session. I ate many strange things (ingredients) with many unknown individuals. We were made to use our mouth to pick some of these strange items from the floor. Some of the things we ate looked like sliced bitter kola, pieces of oranges, alligator peppers, etc. After the eating, we were made to repeat some chants in the presence of a huge mermaid demon called the Queen Mother. All of this and other horrible events took place that night in my sleep before I woke up the following morning. 

This experience changed my entire life, thoughts and actions from the moment I woke up the following day.  My life never remained the same from that day. My spiritual life was also strangely affected for a very long time. I was tremendously influenced to do quite enormous evil exploits for the devil. Well, all that has come and gone but what is left behind today is a beauty brought out from the ashes of my life which the evil one, the enemy called Satan planned, executed to distort my life for a season. But a day came in 2005, God, who formed me in my mother's womb, Who knows  my beginning and ending, came in due season when I least expected to save me by the power of Resurrection in His dear Son, Jesus Christ. My life never remained the same ever since. To God be the glory forever. I will for every be thankful to Him forever and ever. Amen! On the account of the terrible experiences I had in the dark world and my sojourn in Islam, God has gifted me with creative but supernaturally-guided ability to write several powerful books on diverse but highly important subjects both on Islam and witchcraft activities as they affect humanity today. These books are being prepared or fully packaged to be sold to meet the spiritual needs of prospective audience in Europe and America and all other parts of the world. 

In particular, the core message of my experiences in the dark kingdom of water gave birth to a book entitled, "Special Study on the Marine Kingdom". And it runs in series.

This book and other books written on other topics on witchcraft and on Islam are resources (materials), provided for the sole purpose of unveiling hidden truths to men so that those that have been trapped under religious deceptions and those who are being afflicted by satanic powers might seek liberation after coming to terms with knowledge about their oppressors. I hereby recommend to you these books as workbooks which you are to read, digest and put into use the valuable information they contain. I pray God will help you to turn all information contained in those books as instruments of liberation for yourself and family, in Jesus’ name. Because you will find in them the bulk of knowledge you need, henceforth, to constantly destroy all the works of the devil in your life and family. I pray your life will never remain the same again, in Jesus' name.


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