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Witchcraft induced Bed-wetting is of two types:

(a)  A type of bed-wetting that is affecting people between the ages of 6-18. This is often caused by zemsosia arrow. Zensosia means ‘glory liquidizer’, this arrow is named after a demon, which is one of out of the principalities arm of the astra kingdom. Once this arrow is shot or sent into the life of a person between the above-listed ages, the spiritual implication is that the glory of such victim is constantly being liquidized away gradually at every bed-wetting moment. In a case where no prayer or precise prayers that are matter never applied and the situation continues till the age of 18, another set of higher witchcraft powers take over the attack.

(b) This leads to the second type of bed-wetting which affects a person of age 19 and above. This type of bed-wetting is caused by principalities and powers arm from the 45th realm of the marine kingdom at exactly 2 a.m in the night. Don’t forget, in one of our books on witchcraft we mentioned two arms of principalities: one belongs to astra kingdom and the other belongs to the marine kingdom.

So, a group of principalities and powers assigned from the marine kingdom to work bed-wetting, pose a combined attack at exactly 2 a.m in the night. They operate through or in form of ‘ecnog mosquitoes’ to attack a victim, and this results intospiritual draining of glory, which manifests in physical bed-wetting. For ecnog is a coven term, which means, ‘evil draining’.

Alternatively, another convenient period and form through which they operate is by 2 p.m in the day time in form of ‘tizol fly’ in the midst of evil breeze. Both ‘ecnog and tizol’ means, ‘evil drainer’ and ‘evil sucker’ respectively. They drain and suck away the glory of their victim. This affects the victim’s progress and peace constantly now or later in life. And both the mosquito and fly are demons (principalities and powers). So, we have to be watchful and prayerful with mosquitoes and flies around us.

The above explanation/lecture is for you to know the cause and causes, together with the effects of the affliction of bedwetting at a particular age in the life of a victim.

Please, you have to pray for yourself or someone else. It depends on who or how you are concerned and connected. It is A and B sections of prayers.


At exactly 2 am in the night and 2 pm in the day you or the victim or both of you must pray (except if the victim is not matured to pray), stand in the gap for him/her. 

Anywhere you are or stay, either under a building or outside, just look straight to any direction of the sky in demonstration as if you camp. Then, please open your mouth and utter the following gently in prayers:

The Bible says I shall decree a thing and it shall be established;

(a)  You zensosia witchcraft power behind bed-wetting I decree against you today; every weapon you are using to cause bed-wetting in my life (your name) or in the life of (the name of tat fellow) turn against you in destruction. In Jesus name. Amen.

(b) You astra kingdom, receive the Holy Ghost heart and force out zensosia for destruction to aid your entire destruction in Jesus name.

(c) My inner-man receive fire that will henceforth be alerting you against bed-wetting in Jesus name.

(d) Every night roadside bush and bathroom at which I am or you are being deceive to urinate that result in bed-wetting, be consumed by fire and cease to exist in my dream in Jesus name.

Instruction – Each prayer points above shall be repeated 3 times.


This section is for any victim whose age starts from 19 and above:

You don’t help a victim to pray prayers in this section. A victim must pray it him/herself.

Open your Bible and read through Zech. 4:7, and close your Bible after reading. Hold that Bible it’s back and declare as follows:

(1) Who are you ‘ecnog’ and ‘tizol’ before my healing Zerubbabel, I command you, become plain and I walk over you into my healing in the mighty name of Jesus. Repeat this 3 times.

(2) The Bible says, every strange spirit shall by fear run out of Jesus of Nazareth, you spirit of bed-wetting. Repeat this 7 times. Come out, come out come out of my body and run away to where you belong in Jesus name.


O. O Paul.

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