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Two or three series of this study series, remain excerpts from a whole book entitled: "'666' the mark of the beast". This book is number 25 in the list of over 45 books God has written through his servant. In this series, we will briefly and clearly look into "the role of our church leaders (the General Overseers and others) in fulfilling the ‘666-agenda’ in the church". Our intention is not to attack but, to educate people humanity for the sake of the looming eternal destruction that will be visited on the children of perdition.  My candid piece of advice is that whoever we are, we should endeavor to take pain to read and learn from any eternal message such as this. So that we make amend where necessary in our spiritual life, instead of going angry about a message that points to errors in our daily thoughts and actions. But however, we will never shy away from addressing the issues that are designed from the pit of hell to mar the eternal destiny of great number of humanity. 

‘Between the uncorrected Wrong Family Foundation and failure to Destroy An Evil Altar, Hanged the Eternal Destiny of millions of Christians and Church Leaders
Who act anti-Christs in Christ Today’

To start with, let me make an emphasis here on a demon called ‘Mezopetet’, this is a coven word, which in English means, ‘Self-Ambition Stronghold’ (S.A.S). The history and mission of this demon I have earlier inside one of my books by title: The ‘Expository Study Book on Witchcraft in the Church,’ explained to you. This demon in question is one of the special demonic forces assigned with the sole task of leading several potential heaven-bound Christians, especially the following categories of Christians to hell:

A. General Overseers (G.Os)
B. Assistant General Overseers (A.G.Os)
C. Pastors in-charge of Regional or Provincial, Zonal, Area and branch churches under a given ministry or ministries established by God for His eternal purpose.

One thing must be made clear here, which is a very sorry and sensitive case. Please note: This particular demonic personality in question, called Mezopetet, has nothing to do with those churches/ministries and their General Overseers who are not purely called by God, but assigned after those who are called by God Himself from the beginning, right from when they were born. So to say! 

Now, to tell those who have ears and care to use same to hear words, let me pass the following information to as a privilege. At the 1916 ‘world witches summit’, among other strategies arrived at to enter into the church to trap men, women, youth and others whose destiny was initially channeled toward being the candidates of heaven, is to manipulate them into one damnable error or another. Now, what does Satan often first do to achieve his aim of destroying a child of God? The answer is simple, he first makes the fellow to cooperate with him through his gentle whispering of his word into the spirit-ears of 'the would be victim'. Having spoken to the fellow, he finds an appropriate time to compliment his earlier spoken word with his self-induced physical event or occurrence to create an attraction to ensnare the fellow to pay an attention. It is the attention that invites affection, affection hand over the victim to destruction. This is what is what Satan is still currently doing till date in the Church.  Making several children of God often fall victims, most of whom are in the positions of General overseers or senior pastors and many other men and women who occupy various leadership positions in the body of Christ. 

Though, these men and women no doubt must have heard sound and balanced words of God, they no doubt have the Bible but: (1). God's words may not have had roots in their lives, or (2). God's words may have roots, the roots may be so weak to enable the sustenance of God's words in their lives. Being a General overseer does not matter. Walking and working with God is so personal. It has nothing to do with titles, positions or years of experience as a Christian.

The result of Satan's success in deceiving several church leaders today, has led to a great number of innocent and unsuspecting souls to have found themselves as church members under men and women who, right from their root and infancy as a result of an uncorrected Wrong Family Foundation and failure to Destroy an Evil Altar, Satan has 're-pre-destined' them away to be anti-Christs in Christ. These are the people who are today find themselves in the position of General overseers, leading great numbers of people away from God through their erroneous teachings, preaching and livings. I mean, those churches and their General Overseers in whose daily message the reference to any matter of holiness is barred. They have made ‘holiness message, ‘a no-go area’, as their major mark. I mean, anti-holiness message is their major mark. We through God's Church can shy away from the truth of the sacrosanct of holiness.

For the Bible says, “But there were false teachers among you. They will cleverly, in their strange and one-sided kind of messages, tell their lies about God, turning against even Jesus (their so referred to) as Master, Who they claim bought them over into salvation; but theirs will be a sudden and terrible end” – (2 Pet. 2:1-2).


There is a group of Christians who idolize their General Overseers. Whatever the kind of anti-biblical life-style and actions being exhibited by their General Overseers, is in order. In fact, whatever comes out from these ministers' mouths is never verified and placed on the word of God by their members whether such message is right or wrong.

Reading through the sayings and conclusions of some so-called Christians today about their General Overseers one will quickly see that many of these Christians have totally shifted their focus from Jesus Christ to their General Overseers. In fact, I know a popular General Overseer, if for instance, in a matter of contesting for a post in an election in which for instance, Jesus happens to be his political opponent, very great number of his church members will queue at the back of this General overseer and vote for him instead of voting for Jesus Christ. Because, one certain spiritual problem of this category of Christians is that they have lost the consciousness that the way they see their so called General Overseer, God is not seeing him her that way. Do you know that many of these General Overseers are comfortable or are rather enjoying this idolatry kind of attention and regards their members do accord them? Let me share this life story with you:


This same nasty religious mentality of idolizing one’s General overseer, led a young man and his friend (both are professors) to go on putting a bone licking faith in their General overseer. The story goes thus; there was this popular General Overseer who left Nigeria for one of these countries in Europe on an invitation to name a child. A young man (a professor) who happens to be a resident in that country and not only he is a church member but he is intimately known to the visiting Man of God. The second day of the naming, the professor had invited his General Overseer for a dinner in his house. The request the man of God granted.

After the dinner the Man of God left. The next thing the professor thought was the best way to exercise his faith in his General overseer (and not in Jesus) was to go to the kitchen and went for the plates contained already licked bones by his General Overseers and started licking those bones. While he was still there in the kitchen doing this, a colleague of his who was on visit to him also a professor and a church member too went to meet his friend in the act of licking plates and then demanded the rationale behind his action of licking remnant bones licked and left over by his General overseer?

But he told his friend that he believed in the anointing of his General Overseer that if he licked those remnant bones left over by him his wife who has been barren for 10 years would be pregnant. Funny enough, this was what his friend heard and believed which equally prompted the friend in question to embark on the same act of licking the same remnant bones to satisfaction. In his own excuse for licking remnant bones, he cited an age-long case of ulcer and hypertension he has been battling with which he equally erroneously believed would vanish if he licked the bones. You can imagine that! All this is a sheer case of a church version of Idolatry and spiritual madness.  But for almost five years after that incident both the problem of bareness and ulcer were not solved. Until these two young men changed their mindset and church to a heavenly focus church and went forward for a genuine and sound process of deliverance at a God-dominated church. A year after their spiritual reorientation God answered both of them by settling their cases. To God be the glory forever. God will never share his glory with anyone.

There is another case of a church in which at every popular program, especially on Sundays, the General Overseer often turns his pairs of shoe to a money making machine. The erroneous popular belief of his church members is that the so-called man of God is so holy and of an unusually amazing anointing that surpasses, even that of early Apostles, if not Jesus. And once a person, either male or female member put his or her legs inside the shoe of their General overseer instantly, there is going to be miracle of prosperity and healing that will overwhelm such a member. And so, an usher in the church is specifically assigned to collect the money on a routine every Sunday. The least charges is ₦1000 from any member after each second of putting his/her feet inside the General overseer’s pair of shoes. The said General overseer makes hell of money particularly on Sundays. What do you think of another self-acclaimed man of God who at the pick of intoxication from his strange spiritual power, ordered the members of his congregation in a country in Africa to go for the eating of grasses and other weeds they could lay their mouths on for eating. And truly without hesitation, verification and assessment of the word of their General Overseer who they see as God, his church members went on eating grasses and weeds  like animals. 


There are four categories or classes of churches in the world today. These are:

1. The healthy or real church

2. The sick or fast derailing church

3. The dead or derailed church.

4. Satan purposed or false church.

This last church is never originated from Christ but from Satan right from the beginning of its existence or establishment. As we are going on we will critically explain the four churches.

In other to successively fulfill the 666-agenda in the body of Christ, there is no doubt that there have been age-long and persistently renewed intimidation and total spiritual onslaught of Satan and his hosts against the church (the body of Christ). This never-ending but a hot form of spiritual war against the church has caused a seeming age-long split or drift in the body of Christ. As a result of this, there has been emergence of three additional strange churches out from the original church. These additional churches have their root traced to the activities of the satanic forces. In other words, Satan has tactically used some church members and their General Overseers (church leaders), senior pastors and others, who have used whichever posts they are occupying in the church to divide the church into three distinct additional categories. Such as:

(a) The real, active or healthy church

This is the real or genuine body of Christ. This is the church founded by Christ himself. This church and its believers are best referred to as the old time religion and believers. Strange things such as doctrines of demons, funny messages, worldly activities such as sports, games like foot-ball and others, brought into the church today together with different kinds of life-styles we are seeing today will never be known with this old time religion and its believers. This type of church is the gateway which God has channeled to lead humanity who will believe in Christ genuinely to eternal life. But in order to fulfill the 666-agenda in the church at this end-time, Satan arranged and re-arranged, done his own work perfectly and attacked the church by polluting those men and women who consciously or unconsciously have compromised their faith then and now to cause a split or drift in the body of Christ as we are seeing today. It is this drift or split in the body of Christ resulting in the below three additional classes or categories of churches that are aberrations in the body of Christ. Examples of these churches are below:

(b) A sick or fast derailing church – 

This type of church has a genuine historical spiritual foundation. I mean, really, the anointing of God (was) upon the General Overseer of such ministries even from birth. But in the process of time because of non-vigilant attitude of such a man of God he received the first attack through an arrow known as ‘Antazal’.  Antazal is a coven word which in English means, ‘spiritual carelessness’. Because, any man of God in this category, often fails to take a very serious spiritual step or mistakenly does some weak and sheer noisy form of prayers when it is exactly seven months and seven days from the first shot of this arrow. Thereafter, another arrow known as self-ignorance by coven termed Shizint will be shot. Shizint, is a twin arrow to the ‘arrow of spiritual carelessness’ being initially sent into the life of a victim of Antazal spirit. This second arrow is very effectively dangerous, as it helps very well today in keeping several General Overseers in darkness or ignorance about themselves. Making them not to see many strange spiritual things such as a curse of errors, activities of mammon in their lives and ministries. The most pathetic is that many names of General Overseers in this category are missing in the ‘Book of Life’.

(c) A dead or derailed church

A dead or completely derailed church is the kind of church that has lost every vital touch of God, first of which is the life and message of holiness. And the deep meaning of a death or derailment of a church is that ‘Satan has fought that church to a stand-still, conquered it and having his flag (witchcraft flag) hoisted over that particular ministry in the realm of the spirit. Several churches/ministries (either big or not) especially all these ministries in which all manners of dressings and where the General overseers are not preaching holiness, have been conquered by Satan’s army, and are having witchcraft flags hoisted over them in the spirit realm. Under this situation, hardly one can see a single soul in those ministries who can escape ‘666’ mark. In other words, scarcely one can see a single soul going to heaven there. The reason is this, Satan and his hosts will keep busy more than ever to distort or bastardize every move any soul or collectively as a church may make toward gaining eternal life. This is a serious matter!

(d) Satan-purposed or false church.

One other deadly secret attack that was launched by the satanic hosts against the gospel, against the church and against the hope or chances of several souls who would have been potential heaven bound, was this ‘witchcraft special task force’ set up and commissioned in ‘1916 world witches summit’. This task force is coven tagged ‘cahabasan’ and ‘Yahatbasan’. The two terms originated from the marine kingdom. Cahabasan is a term in the 70th realm of the marine kingdom which means “Hell-purposed-church planters”, while “Yahatbasan” is a term in 75th realm of the same marine kingdom which simply means, ‘false-church planters’. In other words, there are demons who are ‘special hell raisers’. I mean, there is a special group of demons specially commissioned during ‘the 1916 world witches summit’ specifically to raise false churches for the mission of catching, breeding and taking very great number of souls to hell at this end time under the guise of churches. 

That is why a look at what is going on around us today, we find quite a number of so-called churches in which all manners of dressings and general habits that portray satanic appearances against the gospel are being displayed through the supervision of several ‘funny’ men who keeps parading themselves as servants or ministers of God. We do not dispute the fact that most of these men are General Overseers (G.Os), y-e-s-s, of course they are. But the serious question is, on whose behalf are they general overseeing? They are general overseeing the affairs of the eternal destiny of their numerous unsuspecting and rather naive members of their churches for Satan here on earth, even in several satanic Pentecostal churches in the land. Most of these self-acclaimed men of God are seen donating cups for foot-ball tournaments, sitting down at the front roll on special seats as chairmen or special guests of honor at a match. This is an outright perversion! A collapse in the spiritual reasoning of perceived men of God who by then suppose to be in study reading their Bible, communing with God or doing other gospel messages. But, wasting their precious time ignorantly attending to Baal in the name of sports.

There are many men in many funny churches of these nature around us today, in fact, they are scattered across the world. Such churches and their presiding bishop or arch-bishop, Apostle, senior pastor or what have you have simple and common identities or marks. Some of these are:
Such churches don’t preach holiness. It is a no-go area! Do not dress like this or that is none of the business of the General Overseers and their church members. Whichever way a member dresses to the church has no meaning to the man in-charge of the church. Any form of dressing is welcome. In such churches, members have freedom to go into all manners of artificial dressing. Putting on or attaching to their bodies several satanic or anti-gospel materials in the name of fashion. All this is an ever ready-culture of their church not Christ’s.
Prosperity and miracle-based messages, including the focus on money and healing (through hook or crook) remain the central message in those churches. Another feature of another class in the list of these Satan-based churches, includes one form of ritual prayer or another, including the act of bathing for people in rivers, tying and burning different colors of candles, wearing white garment or any form of special color of dressing that has become a ritual form of dressing, including the walking bare-footed as a form of doctrine.

Again, in a church planted by Satan to lead souls to hell, there are cases of high-profile divorce of one’s husband or wife. High-profile adultery and fornication reign supreme and the members there still see their General Overseer as a man of God boast about themselves and the church as still part and parcel of the body of Christ. Still believing that the worst anti-gospel lifestyle going on in their midst still capable of leading them to heaven.
Different kinds of funny General Overseers (both male and female) in those kinds of ministries are fond of bombarding their fingers with set of attached false nails, numerous shining rings and other jewelry found displayed on the selective parts of the body. In fact, on any program, especially on Sundays, the environment of such church often depicts a wedding arena, when members display competitively their very costly attires and their whole lot of entire costumes. 

This message is coming to you, whoever you are and anywhere you are across the world. It is a bitter message to restore (a genuine) salvation in the church. The global government that is working together now know what you Christians don’t know. They know some crucial signs of the end times. If you read through the one time prediction or Nasir, USA, they predicted that the moon is going to turn into blood and the sun will turn dark. It is better you repent today, tomorrow maybe too late. Your position in the church cannot save you neither your wealth, let alone your earthly fame or popularity can save you. There are many glaring signs across the land suggesting that very soon the curtains of finality will be drawn on the surface of this life. If someone is still thinking there is still more time to spend energy and finances on massive church structures or any worldly activity other than on evangelism more than has ever been done before, that fellow is fooling him/herself.

Most of our gigantic projects in the church are self-serving. I mean, a sheer self-ambition being coordinated by this singular demon by coven name ‘Mezopetet’, which in English means “Self-Ambition Stronghold”. It is itself an arrow from 75th plane or realm of the marine kingdom, being constantly produced (not for keep but freshly made) and being sent into the lives and to occupy the minds of some General Overseers and others at these end times. One might wonder, despite the anti-gospel message of some of these General overseers, people keep crowded in their ministries, especially during camp meetings. The reasons and danger of this strange expansion or growth in some ministries or churches you see around today are critically explained in the next chapter under the topic: ‘Lost and gain to God, the result of church growth or expansion’. The immediate brief meaning of this is that 'a general growth in a Church may a gain or loss to God. In other words, for instance, when in a Church or camp meeting with a population running to five hundred thousand or one million, Jesus cannot find up to three souls that are fit to be taken up by Him in the event of rapture, definitely such a huge multitude is a terrible loss to God.  



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