Tuesday, September 25, 2018



Malice is a quite haggardly wicked female demon, by marine coven name “Diasini”, interpreted in English as, ‘Self-Destruction’. This ‘Diasini’ demon is among 3.2 billions others who are kept especially in the pit of hell, precisely opposite the ‘caroro’ cave. Caroro is another witchcraft term, which in English simply means ‘sorrow’. These demons are momentarily released for serious work of self-destructive mission in the lives of mankind especially the ‘heaven-bound souls’ and ‘potential achievers’

Malice is an enmity that arose in a victim against another fellow who is rightly or wrongly seen to have done wrong or not. One secret but spiritually open understanding about malice is that it is a mother of the following list of four evil children, who made up the whole malice a realistically workable and effective in the spirit-realm and in the physical world:

a.    The first born/child to malice is an act of having wrong impressions against or about a fellow.
b.  The second is, to go ahead by converting or putting the wrong impressions into an action of secret or open utterances, or a change in the way we previously use to relate with the fellow. It this point b (second child) that often manifests or bring the third child, which is ‘point c’.
c. The third is, the deliberate and partial withdrawing conversation and outright relationship from that fellow on the account of an error we might on our own wisdom hold against him or her.
d.    Lastly, (the last born child, which is the deadliest) is the conceiving evils and carrying them out against such persons.

The above (a-d) is the list of the highest children that malice can produce. It all depends on the reason or reasons behind a malice and the vessel it occupies.  A malice can stop on two children (a-b) or (a-c). No malice is childless or can be barren because such an evil act is often brought about by already mentioned demon to become malice through an instant birth of at least a child which is the conception of right or wrong impression and feelings against a fellow. Without any of the already mentioned children, the demon of malice can never live in a person, they cannot exist.

Some subtle self-destructive effects of malice

a.     Having whatever reason to withdraw relationship from ones parents.
b.  Having whatsoever reason to conceive wrong impression and turn same into wrong utterances against a person which God can use and can still use for a channel of blessing to us. It is equally wrong to do same to our pastors or general overseers under whom we are being fed with spiritual food and enjoying other spiritual cares. 
We must keep on loving those who love us even, including those who hate us. If we keep on loving those who do evil to us, it is dangerous to them because our continue love for them is a coal of fire on them. We must not let our emotions to over-ride or becloud our spiritual senses towards disobeying God’s Word. See. Rom. 12:19-20; Matt. 18: 21-22. Most especially in a situation whereby a fellow is going through the spiritual process of achieving a long lasting deliverance, the understanding of this message will mar or make the God’s promised deliverance (Obadiah  1:17). And much more, the understanding of this message we are sharing will dictate where we spend our eternity.

The Devil sites the following bible text as a legal ground against us time to time. Eph. 6:2, 1Pet. 4:8, Prov. 17:13.

We all need to go back and seek for God’s forgiveness. The Bible says if we cover our sins, we will not prosper, so hiding our sins will not help us. Let our hearts be right with God through our healthy relationship with man. God gives us His promise in Isaiah 43:25 that; He alone will blot out our sins for His own sake and will not remember them again.
I am doing this to have a clear conscience before man and God. (Acts 24:16).


1.  I DECREE, Every power setting trap through me ahead of me permanently stop  the restoration of my deliverance and thereby rubbish God’s glory, forgiveness and mercy in my ljfe, receive arrow of shame in the might name of Jesus.
2.   I DECREE, Satan, hear the Word of the Lord, either you like it or not, your attack in my life will never have a long lasting existence and effect in the mighty name of Jesus.
3.  I DECREE, Oh God, help to view things from your own lens and weigh things according to your own heart in Jesus’ name.
4.   I DECREE, My Father, judge things from your own thoughts and never from mine, in Jesus name
5.   I DECREE, My Father, as Job was a source of pride to you as from the days of old until now, make me a latest and continual source of pride to you in Jesus’ mighty name.

It hinders answers to prayers. It hinders progress. It blocks heaven over a fellow. It is a deadly blockade to a fellow’s eternal life. God bless you.