Wednesday, September 26, 2018


‘ASHANZA’ is a marine witchcraft term for a particular deadly region in the 75th realm of the marine kingdom. At this region there we find a very terribly evil site known as “Ban-shandazat” which is a compound word formed from “Bandat-azat” and “shandat-azat”. Both Bandat-azat and shandat-azat are terms or coded words being used in the kingdom of Darkness. While Bandat-azat means “Floor of frustration”, shandat-azat means “floor of failure”. These two words are compound Nouns. There are groups of ‘thorny-built seven elders demons’ constituted themselves as a floor, sitting 24 hours determining the failed end (outright failure) at the end of visions, missions and pursuits of several individuals on earth.

It may be marriages, businesses and several key progressive endeavours to which the destinies of people are attached. It is at those floors anything attack of failure and frustration are being arranged, concluded in the spirit realm and assigned inform of evil stamps to be attached to a person’s and people’s pursuits or plans that will begin to negatively affect a victim’s life in the physical.

There are 3 stages or sessions in form of meetings in the Kingdom of darkness through which all manners of attacks against people can be, or being decided:
(a) at covens (b) at Bezans – this is a term for individual demonic private judgment/attack of an agent of Satan against a victim, which is still subject for approval by higher order (c) at Azat – This witchcraft term means ‘floor’. It is seen used as suffixes at the end of both words “Bandat-Azat and Shandat-Azat. There are 7 types of Azats (floors) located at the ‘Ashanza’ region (meaning – deadliest region of highest evil decision) in the 75th realm of the Marine Kingdom. This is the highest ranked administrative level of attack where all attacks against humanity are being controlled. Therefore, top ranking demons operating in top ranking occults and witchcraft agents, are operating from this region. Two of those floors we are examining here are to be dealt with through a quite methodically strange prayer later on.

There are 7 sub-floors within 7 major floors. In other words, in those 7 major floors, there consist other mighty demons labelled with the simple word ‘deadly attack’.
Within them, there are these other insignias (signs) boldly inscribed on the body of each demon in that list of 7 demons in the group. For instance, each group of 7 demons makes a floor known as “single SORROW”. The other group of 7 demons, by their cruellest role, are known as, ‘floor of sudden double sorrow’.

The floor of attack of failure is the central nerves or pillar, I mean, the very ‘life-wire’ to all of these evil floors. Because, there is no how all other floors will not depend on the floor of attack of failure which we are dealing with under this point especially, when they are embarking on whatever attack especially failure-related attack against humanity. This has made the Marine witchcraft the most destructive evil power which Children of God must learn to deal with. Many nations and many lives will not advance unless this is dealt with. It is to be noted that practically in all nations there are people who worshiped bodies of water. These spirits are proud, wicked, heartless, and stubborn. As we are speaking here, they control trade and commerce.
 What you are reading or learning here is not a child play. Therefore, you need to pray seriously later on. You will find comprehensive study of topic in our book titled: “Special Study ON THE MARINE KINGDOM”.