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These are the truthwisdomknowledge and understanding. These four are indispensable spiritual personalities that are serving as custodians and managers to the gospel. So, no human being can go to God, serve and relate with Him without constantly making use of the four ingredient listed here above. In other words, the four become indispensable to anyone, especially a Christian who thirsts for eternal life. The reason is that the absence of one or all the four, puts dents on our garments in the body of Christ, regardless of our positions and titles. And there is no way we can keep our garments stained and expect Jesus Christ who the Bible refers to as our bride-groom, to be happy to wed us Christians who are referred to as His bride and then, take us home. He will be disappointed!  We honestly need these four central ingredients of the gospel to keep our garments clean as ever ready brides waiting for her groom on the day of the wedding.

Out of these four Custodians of the gospel, the truth is the most elderly to the rest three, which are wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

While the truth brought in the other three to be the co-keepers of the gospel and serves as a base or seat for them all, the three jointly keep on acting as a feeder to the truth. Feeding it with the spiritual strength for development, making the truth to be strong and stronger to be alive. And once the truth continually becomes stronger and alive by the day, the rest three, which are “wisdom, knowledge and understanding” will be strong and alive also. On and on like that inter-wovenly living and keep on feeding and nurturing the gospel. Therefore, making the gospel to in turn become a nourishable and ‘spiritual power-related food’ in different varieties, meant to specifically feed different categories of Christians according to their spiritual ages of developments.

So, in conclusion, the gospel remains the very spiritual food produced and being constantly produced from the four-fold spiritual raw materials (the truth, wisdom, knowledge and understanding) and daily being made ready for spiritual consumption on the salvation table of individual men and women in the church for different level of a personal desire or focus. The food, which its taste, is a taste of divine power to liberate whoever tastes and consumes it from the shackle of slavish mentality of Adamic sin.

But unfortunately today, it is so sad to note that one outstanding danger of God’s gospel of grace to us, is the role which Satan plays daily in getting men and women in the church to partner with him to continuously making this gospel of grace be hidden to the great number of children of God globally. As a result of this lack of clear knowledge of the gospel, many of them go into several condemnable sins. Therefore, many a Christian who are potential saints have been derailed and some are still derailing away, not just as sinners but condemned and unrepentant sinners who are destined for hell while they are still alive. Do you know why? Many of such innocent fervent souls in the church are in this condemned state, merely through one abominable sin after another. Most of whom, either as a result of satanic materials and fashion they are known with, or the very church they attend, have made them be consciously and unconsciously identifying with 666. Satan has successfully conditioned several so-called Christians, most of whom are many of our so-called General Overseers in the image of the lost.Having made them to partner with him, Satan in making the gospel constantly be hidden to a great number of children of God who are their church members.


Let me honestly disclose another truth to you here. Listen! The position of Satan is that the entire awaited scenario regarding his imminent fulfillment of 666-agenda in the world, is all targeted against the children of God. Therefore, to Satan, he is so determined that his up-coming agenda of dishing out ‘666’, his mark to all humanity will be incomplete, in fact, it is going to be meaningless and absolutely a goal partially or never achieved at all, if he fails to lead 90-99% population of Christians to hell. In other words, the main targeted audience for 666 implantation and implementation in the world are the Christians. And, his goal is to lead or drag all Christians, or at least 99% populations of Christian to hell.

Now, someone may like to know by asking to get answers to the following list of questions:“Who are the Christians and what makes them a different people? What makes them Satan’s enemies, in such that he wants all of them in his ultimate condemned kingdom?”the answer is,the Christians are those who confess their faith in Jesus Christ. And so base on this among others, making Christians to be heirs with Christ to the kingdom of God of which, he, Satan has forever lost, barred and can never again taste.

What then does it mean to confess one’s faith in Jesus? This entails the totally believing in the death and resurrection together with the free gift of son-ship of God to mankind in the shedding of the blood of the person of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. All this, Satan does not want to hear. Another crucial aspect of believing and following Jesus, is the making use of, and honoring His words by living by them. That is why, if someone claims to believe and follow Jesus without living by His words totally, but one side of the scriptures, such person/Christian is deceiving him/herself.

So, believing in all the (mysterious) truth or not about Jesus, forms a demarcation between who will continue to be the children of God or children of the devil. You can be in the church as members or, even a General Overseer but still remains a child of Satan. The emergence of these two groups of children (of God or Satan) has been the root idea of ‘666’, which has no doubt been conceived very long in the past as an idea to be used by Satan as a last ‘joker’, which is going to be the most effective weapon to drag many Christians (if possible, all) alongside with him to hell. But I pray today, by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ that He shed on the cross of Calvary for you and I, we shall never be candidates of hell in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Look, it is not a hidden or new truth that Satan wanted to be equaled with God even possibly dethrone Him to gain the greater if not all human attention and worship. Of course today, it is so visible a factual result that Satan has made several people we see in churches and camp-meetings to be a mere gathering of wasting away souls. This portends a very serious and fatal eternal danger for a disastrous end in hell for a very great number of Christians. Another side to the unfortunate condition of the church is that “several Christians keep doing good works but they themselves are not good in the sight of God. They are in the church doing good works to be seen only by men, and not by God”. Thing does not work that way! In other words, with all the years they have been in the church, holiness message and others have no place in their lives. With their money and flamboyant or gorgeous dressings in which they deck themselves to church programs, especially on Sundays, are all clear examples of being merely shinning in the church, and not burning for God. All amounts to a careless and easy walk to hell daily and to be candidates there atlas. I pray, this will not be your portion. Say three powerful amen to that wherever you are reading this book across the world.

No one can properly understand what is going on in the world today unless you begin with the Word of God compliments with a book loaded with insightful and factual issues like this, to give you high and perfect spiritual insight and inclination. The Bible teaches in 2nd Corinthians 4:4 that Satan is the god of this sinful world. Only very few in the church pay attention to this. As such, no wonder he is successfully gaining control of this world. Satan uses occult organizations to accomplish this. Such organizations are: Skull and Bones logo are jointly and (officially means and points to the “Order Of Death (O.O.D)” being used in Illuminati world, Rosicrucian Order, the Russian Orthodox Church, Freemasonry and others. The word "occult" means "secret." Satan operates in secrecy because his works are evil, and must be hid from the eyes of the public, lest Christians expose Satan's works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11).

The Devil again uses these occult groups to infiltrate and influence every area of society through religion, fashion, the music industry, public schools, Hollywood, etc. But, despite this Satan’s control and his quest to destroy us, having ultimately successfully harvested quite great number of mankind, JESUS BANNER over us is love.  For it is written in the Bible that “The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it he is saved” – ( ). In other words, OUR Lord Jesus will not cease watching over us. He keep us by protecting us to the end by His words in Jesus name. Amen. Let us go to chapter one for the start of the various crucial issues that form our points of discussions in this book. And, I have no doubt in my heart that as you read along, yokes that exist in your life to take you to hell, will be constantly be breaking into pieces in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. 

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Please, it is advisable to whoever that will partake in this prayer to stay away from using, wearing or putting on any demonic materials such as: weave-on, jewelries and so on, including the"painting of any part of the face, body (such as tattoos and others) including finger nails and toes and so on. Again, anyone that will pray this prayer for  desired healing, must forgive everyone and maintain a positive mental attitude at all times throughout the period of healing exercise, and possible beyond now. Do remain in the spirit of thanksgiving and praise God at all time. God will help you in Jesus name.
I pray that you will not pray in vain, in Jesus name.
A word is enough for the wise!


Now, declare the below prayer points inside a 4 or 5 at least 2 and half litres of original (raw not refined) coconut oil.

First read and confess the following texts of the Bible:
(Read Job 22:28 and Matt. 18:18). Then go on into body of the prayer as follows:

Father, I humbly ask for healing from  You from the "mocummat" attack of the BREAST). Lord, I place the entire cells of my BREAST down to tbe rest of my body, or the body of my body under the subjection of Your authority. You Mocummat demon projected "mocummat-aniza" lump into that affected part of my body, l locate you with the information about, and I command you in the name of JESUS CHRIST, pack your load and vanish out of my body in the name of Jesus!
I ask, in Your Holy name, Lord, let instant of a healthy relationship among the bone, blood, tissue and vein continue to blossom. I command a new least of life to be restored to my breast in Jesus name. I come against the affliction of BREAST CANCER in the name of Jesus. I claim healing for myself, in the name of Jesus.

In John 10:10 it says, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly.”

J-E-S-U-S, I declare a long, healthy, prosperous, and abundant life according to Your Word for myself, in Jesus name. I plead the Blood of Jesus from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I come against the root and symptom  of cancer, and any other affliction whatsover, in the name of Jesus.  Thank You Jesus Christ for this process of bringing healing and normalcy into my body system. Lord, please grant me the disciplined and obedient mind to appreciate you later in life in Jesus name. Thank You Jesus for being the Great Physician. Take all the glory at the end In Jesus’ name…  Amen.


Below is another prayer and list of scriptures best be used to terrorise and conquer the terrorist assigned to terrorise your breast and  to destroy any "IDENTIFIED ENEMY" of that nature.
Look, 'MOCUMMAT', is a wicked demon which has its operational method so hidden. This demon operates directly from the 'belly of CROCODILE' to possess willing or unwilling human beings, made them special marine dragon witchcraft agents who in turn begin to operate in several families for the special evil assignment of launching attack of this nature and other terrible kinds in the class of TERMINAL DESEASES.

MOCUMMANT DEMONS are of two types. There is "MOCUMMAT-ANIZA, this one attacks left breast, and there is MOCUMMAT-ZINIZA, this one attacks right breast. Process of prayers meant to deal with either of them slightly different. That is why it is very important to have a very knowledge about these demons before dabbling into the business of conducting deliverance for any victim of these demons. The key approach to this attack, is to take this demons up and deal with them seriously in a real serious prayer such as this, before a needed desired deliverance can be secured. So, a breast cancer has its source from the realm of the spirit and never an issue of the physical so must be tackled spiritually before a genuine deliverance or healing can be guaranteed.


Father, I thank You that:
*All things are possible for You and all things are possible to me because I believe, (Mark 9:23).
* Jesus Himself bore everything in His body and by His stripes  l am healed, (1 Peter 2:24).
* The same Spirit that raised up Christ, dwells in me and makes alive my mortal body by His Spirit Who lives in me - (Romans 8:9).
* You sent Your Word to heal me and deliver me from all destruction, (Psalm 107:20).

* I trust You Lord God from the bottom of my heart; I listen to Your voice in everything I do and everywhere I go; You keep me on track. At this point in time Lord, I run to You. My Lord God let my body glows again with health even more than before. Let my breast vibrate again with life! (Proverbs 3:8). As I continue to intercede for myself, Lord I ask that you answer my prayer by fire, in Jesus name.

* I have faith in God and I say to every "ARIZADA DEMON" acting as a great anti-healing mountain assigned against healing, be removed out of the way of my deliverance and be cast into the sea now forever in Jesus name. I believe that these prayer utterances are establshed and I be witness to everything I say to the glory of God. For the Bible says, everything I ask when I pray, I should believe I have received them, and I have them in Jesus name - (Mark 11:22-24).

Therefore, you "MOCUMMAT-ANIZA" (The LUMP in my left breast)
I speak to you in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS CHRIST, pack your load and vanish out from my breast, in JESUS NAME.

Muscles, blood and vein, I command you to rebuild and be restored. I command you to continue to function accordingly, in the mighty name Jesus. 

Thank You Jesus for taking this sickness all out and take it to the cross and nailed it there. So, l do not have to worry or be in pain, I give You all the praise Lord!!

I claim YOUR assurance word on the cross of calvary "IT IS FINISH". This is the seal of your promise. Therefore, I declare and decree it and it is established in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!



All power belong to Jesus.
4:58 AM




Spiritually speaking, ulcer, though a lesser demon but, it is one of the terrible lesser demon. ULCER is by coven meaning known as "NOTI-ZON" BITE. "NOTI-ZON" as a lone word is interpreted in English as "SORE CREATOR", being pronounced together with the part of the body inflicted with the sore through the bite. This same demon is behind any stubborn sore on the outer part of the body like led. This same demon often possess an over-riped pawpaw fruit and operates from this fruit to launch itself into common sore on any outer part of the body and begings to enlarge it, causing such sore to resist any form of ordinary method of physical healing to its decay. This demon operate under the supervision of these two following higher or principal demons namely: "Haiogono and Aconominiza" demons, who are the two major supervisory demons coordinating attack of ulcer and unhealable sore in the life of victims. 

They are two major processes of healing. 

The following is one of the processes of healing prayers: 

Typically and generally, since these three demons make use of breeze of the hours of 10 am - 11 am or pm to cause underline spiritual pain and supervise such pain on any affected part of the body. What the victim need do is to find plastic cup of water put it at a saved open place at around 10 -11am or pm. This cuo of water is to be brought in to be prayed into, by casting these two demons out from that affected place. After the prayer the victim can drink the water if is a case of ulcer. If it is a case of a terrible sore that has been lingering for a long time, after the prayer the victim will use the water to wash the affected part. Below are the prayer points for the two conditions.




Our Bible Text:  2nd SAMUEL 21: 1– 9, 1st Kings 11: 9—12, 20:14—18. 
(1) I DECREE, With a great commitment to get rid of ulcer popularly known by coven term as "NOTI-ZON" BITE out of my body system. Hence, O Lord, I, (mention your name) implore You this day Lord that You send Your axe of fire to the foundation of “"NOTI-ZON" BITE ” known as ULCER and destroy this evil plantation in my body, in Jesus name.

(2) I DECREE, In the power in the name of Jesus I release my body system from the grip of  “"NOTI-ZON" BITE ” and I command these three demons to remove their hold from my life,  in Jesus name..

(3) I DECREE,   and break and loose my life from every inherited evil covenant upon which these demons are operating in my life, in Jesus name.

(4) I DECREE, to break the "TALIJA" heat of anti-healing being used between 10-11am and pm to keep ulcer alive in my body, in the name of Jesus.

(5) I DECREE, against the "GRAGRIZA" breeze blowing at the spot of this pain thereby keeping it alive long to continue blowing back to its senders, in Jesus name.

(6) I DECREE, a death verdict on all the witchcraft agents working ulcer in my life, your time is up, die now, in Jesus name.

(7)  I DECREE, to remove my name from the "COSRUM",  the evil diary of affliction ULCER existing in "GADI COVEN". And I put my enemies' names in place of mine, making them the carriers of their evil plot, in the name of Jesus.

(8) I DECREE, to break and loose my spirit-man from "shadow-chasing" of ulcer, in Jesus name .

(9)  I DECREE, to break and loose my spirit-man from the ancestral link to ulcer and other related afflictions, in Jesus name.

(10) I DECREE,   Father, let the fire of the Holy Ghost enter into my life and consume completely any spiritual trace of ulcer and any other hidden affliction in my blood stream and cleanse my spiritual system thoroughly, in Jesus name.


I, (your name) make all the above ten decrees this day against the Triangular demons of “HAIOGONO”, "ACONOMINIZA" and "NOTI-ZON", in the presence of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. 


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Though, l have this explanation in one of my books titled, Special Study on: THE MARINE KINGDOM. But I must take pain to state here that the answer is purely spiritual. The reason is that witchcraft spirit don't possess anything rubber, rather it is highly irritating to them due to an underlined odour which is spiritually known as "kazini". This word is interpreted in English to mean - "anti-evil". This odour in anything rubber is seriously most perceived by forces of darkness.

On the other hand, the source of every wool is more of 90% organic and 5-10% chemical. While rubber is 10% organic, 90% chemical. We may only physically identify only one type of cotton wool tree, but forces of darkness identify three types of cotton wool trees based on the country and the nature of the land where a single or group of cotton wool trees is grown and harvested. But one thing is pertinently common with all cotton wool trees, this is the fact that these demons possessed any cotton wool tree easily, used it as a lunching base in their capacity as the sole supervisory triangular demons by coven names: "CASACRA, HAZIAZI and MAGONI-ANO". These are quite wicked demons supervising several other demons trained to attack people's triangular pillars of destiny, which are: vision, mission and motion. Without a VISION there can never be a MISSION. And vision and mission bring in motion. Now, (either rightly or wrongly, progression or retrogression) has to be the position of MOTION. Whichever is this position determines how far a fellow can go fulfilled in this life with his or her God ordained VISION and MISSION.

This is anchored on how knowledgeable or not is every fellow based on whether is exposed or not to spiritual information such as this. We must seek for knowledge to be linked with wisdom in this life, if not to be perished will be very easy, cheap and fast.

Now, for further analysis, those three demons  mentioned earlier, maintain their grip or possession on any woolen product. They attack destiny effectively through wool with the contact woolen material has with head in a particular costly and unsuspecting manner. How? The reason is this, it is a common knowledge that head grows hairs. The difference between the hairs found on the head and those found on any other parts of the body is that the hairs on the heads each has a very wide spiritual hole (an opening) that cannot be seen with mortal eyes. And each of these hairs breathe through its hole. The danger here is that those three terrible demons operating in wool as their base find it as an opportunity using those spiritual holes in hairs as an entrance and exist to have a damning in road into people's lives to wreck havoc through the "literal litany of attaching and fastening or tying wool to people's natural hairs". In other words, the process of attaching or fastening and tying anything wool to natural hairs, seriously help demons to gain their inroad. And, to go heaven by any one who dies or alternatively caught up with rapture while still plating hairs with wool is doubtful. No polluted vessel or temple qualifies to enter into the kingdom of God.

Hence, my passionate plea or advice for a Christians especially for anyone who has access to this information, is to constantly seek for spiritual information that guarantee wisdom in order to life. For the Bible says, "my people perish for lack of wisdom".


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STRICT INSTRUCTIONS: This very prayer and all others that God is using me to post on this website remain prayers, which anyone who will attempt them, will first of all: (a) accept Jesus as his or her Lord and Savior (b) get rid of his or her body of tattoos and any other satanic marks (c) do away with any ARTIFICIAL material attached to the head or to any part of the body such as, false hairs (attachment) false nails, false eye-lids and lashes, painting any part of the body and all other satanic indulgence in the name of fashion. You cannot be on the side of Satan in whichever habit and others and begin to use this quite deadly prayer against Satan, it is dangerous. Because, when you are least expected he will turn the power of prayer like this against you, and it will be too dangerous for you to handle. AND, POSSIBLY YOU WANT TO BREAK LOOSE FROM THE HANDS OF "5-STAR DEMONS" BEHIND THOSE WRONG LIFESTYLES AND SATANIC MATERIALS ALREADY MENTIONED, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US THROUGH OUR (E-MAIL ADDRESS) WE WILL SEND YOU PRECISED PRAYERS AND GOD WILL DELIVER YOU, NO DOUBT. IN JESUS NAME.   

The word "DAITAZABA" is a marine witchcraft coven term, which is best interpreted in English language to simply means, "impossible". It is not a normal or physical impossible mountain but rather, It is a mighty 'personality', a quite brazenly wicked 'she-demon'  built with 'all-arrow like member body'. She is a native of a tiny city called "chizini". Chizini is located at the south-west region, sharing vicinity with "shelshrank", meaning, "evil factory of afflictions",  inside the Bermuda Triangle, in the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic Ocean is a "B-wing" of the two wings made up of the Marine Kingdom. The reason is, Atlantic Ocean is the principal or major "Land-Based Marine Kingdom" and otherwise referred to by witchcraft term as (Haxodat-nenet). You will read the details in our book on the Marine kingdom. And further more, DAITAZABA is a terrible demon operating through a class of special witches. A single demon of this nature is enough and is often operating to mount herself as a 'great invisible and insurmountable mountain' against an individual victim for him or her not to breakthrough in any matter of desired progress in life.  Check your life anywhere you are being privileged to have access to this information. Take up this demon today or never.

1.  Raise your right hand to heaven and shout this out loud and clear: The blood of Jesus, Holy Ghost fire fall upon my hands in the name of Jesus. Lay the hand on your head now and pray like this: Identification mark of witchcraft and occult known as “ZAIBIRI and “ACAZANA” MARKS ascribed on my person, hear the word of the Lord backfire in the name of Jesus.
2. You power summoning my spirit man through a “DAITI-DAIFI” trumpet to witchcraft coven fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.

3. My Father expose all witchcraft informants known as OKIOSINI” gathering information for Satan to trouble my life be disgraced in the open, in the name of Jesus.

4.  You powers drawing my blood with “EDENGOSA” PIPE for sampling vomit it and die now, in the name of Jesus.

5.  You power that have received the “acoizen” mandate to destroy victim by force, I am too much to be your target, I command the ground now to open and swallow you, in the name of Jesus.

6.  Blood of Jesus cause confusion in the “ATAMA” COVEN, the DESTINY AUCTIONING coven in the “ACACA” DEPTH in “ZAIBI” REGION of the BERMUDA TRIANGLE, in the name of Jesus.

7.  Thou power of “agodaiza” witchcraft CCTV being used to record all my up and down, plans and progressive strategies and others, today, I command you to catch fire and burn to ashes, in the name of Jesus.

8.  It is written there will be no peace for any witchcraft agent and other wicked persons or spirits. Hence, I command all assigned witchcraft personalities against me to begin to loose your sleep from tonight for me to loose sleep no more, in the name of Jesus.

9. From tonight I command the accelerated Automatic spiritual and physical death for “OGAOBATILI” DEMON and his “cage of death of vision” to break and be destroyed, in the name of Jesus.

10.  With God's authority upon my life, I command  the “MASOSO” witchcraft night birds responsible for “breakthrough, receive arrow of “understanding-disorder” and turn against yourselves for self-massacre for my sake, in the name of Jesus.

11. All street junction witchcraft altars known as “ARADORA” programmed for blowing away my efforts to breakthrough at every 2pm Tuesdays, and thereby militating against my life, I pass a verdict of death on you and your managers now, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.

12. You Witchcraft power known as “ANALO” Demon answering my name for constant call to failure at my place of birth militating against my breakthrough, remain deaf and dumb and die from today,  in the name of Jesus.

13.   You “ACALASITA” witchcraft poison of stagnancy and a relative delay be destroyed out of my spiritual system, in the name of Jesus.

14.  I overthrow “ABONANA” kingdom of witchcraft being assigned against people’s destinies in my father’s house and in-law’s house, my destiny is ceased to be your candidate, crash and be leveled by fire, in the name of Jesus.

15.  Blood of Jesus block the flying route of witchcraft “AIKOLO” PATH created in my life, in the name of Jesus. IT IS SETTLED FOREVER. AMEN.





A R T I F I C I A L --- Total    
1 18 20 9 6 9 3 9 1 12 -- 88  

Step 1: 

Multiply the total figure 88 by 6 the number of man.
= 88 x 6= 528.

Step 2:

 Add together the figures that are found under the first and the last alphabets: 
(A=1 + L = 12) = 1+12, then multiply by 6 the number of man.
= 1+12= 13.
Multiply 13x 6 = 78.

Step 3: 

How many letters is ARTIFICIAL made up, the answer is 10.
Multiply the 10 by 6 (which is the everlasting seal of Satan upon a person).
= 10x6= 60.

Step 4: 

Add the major answers in steps 1-3 together: 
= 528+78+60 
= 666.


In our book on -'666' THE MARK OF THE BEAST-, You will read more about other materials and lifestyles which Satan has technically and spiritually attached to the MARK OF THE BEAST.

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11:33 AM



(An excerpt or a tip from Chapter Three of The Special Study on The Marine Kingdom)

”The marine Kingdom, how does it look like? What are the physically mysterious phenomenon that have connection with this Satan’s kingdom? These are very crucial questions we must be answering here, if indeed we are to do justice to a mysterious secrecy in order to explore wisdom. Well, as the name implies, marine kingdom is the largest integral part or division out of the four distinct divisions that form the whole Kingdom of Darkness. The marine kingdom exists purely in the marine spiritual realm, I mean a kingdom situated under the sea. The marine kingdom divides into two major sections, namely: (a) the land-based marine kingdom , which is by coven term known as “Haxodat-nenet”.

(b) The space-based marine kingdom which is by coven term known as “Daxodat-nenet”. These two major sections comprising the entire marine kingdom especially,the second section, as in b, (the space-based marine kingdom) lends credence to the fact that the reference to sea or water does not limit to physical marine, sea or water as being used to describe this dreaded Satan’s kingdom including all other references being used as adjectives all altogether go very far in spiritual meaning more than the physical meaning of marine, water and sea we see with our mortal eyes. In other words, the marine kingdom quite far extends beyond the confine of the depth and breadth of a physical ‘water, river or sea’. Rather, the marine kingdom almost covers the entire space of the world. I mean, there is a space-based larger sea or mass water in the space. I mean beyond earth’s atmosphere, there exist quite large and massive water/sea than any physical sea you can see around. A comprehensive analysis on this topic is inside our book entitled: "Special Study On: THE MARINE KINGDOM".

Friday, November 9, 2018

4:00 AM




Christian, seek not yet repose;

hear thy guardian angel say;

thou art in the midst of foes;
watch and pray!

Principalities and powers,

mustering their unseen array,

wait for thine unguarded hours,
watch and pray!

Gird thy heavenly Armour on, 

wear it every night and day; 

ambushed lurks the evil one, 
watch and pray!

The above write-up in stanzas are brought out from the popular Christian Hymn titled ‘CHRISTIAN, SEEK NOT’. These are the first three stanzas of the six-stanza hymn. From these first three stanzas I commence introducing to you some critical issues that form part and foundation of this book. This hymn is one of those divinely inspired ones that clearly speak the passionate mind of God toward all Christians. In this very hymn, especially in its above first 3-stanza, every Christian is given the picture or nature of the enemies (the principalities and powers) and their high level at which they have long been battle-ready with different kinds of organized spiritually destructive weapons and time (unguarded hours) they are to struck momentarily. That is why, in each and every last line of the stanza, a Christian is warned and instructed to be watchful and prayerful. Every Christian must be ready and conscious to gird his/her ‘heavenly armour’ on, wear it every day and night. The reason is, these enemies assigned against every Christian lurk around in ambush for us, in collaboration with ‘one self of our self’’.  What is self and what is a Christian’s heavenly armour?

The Meaning of ‘SELF’

“Every living being is a walking and working trinity, which is by biblical mathematics concluded to be ‘3 selves in 1’. 
The body or flesh = 1, it is a perishable or temporary outside self.
The spirit and soul = 2, they are central and eternal inner selves. These are jointly the real or main SELF or MAN. Therefore, a man’s flesh or the body + soul + spirit = '3 in 1' whole or full SELF”, having the spirit as the sole controller that is controlling the trinitized or triune self. The only problem of the spirit is the body/flesh which is consistently warring against the spirit.

Now, a heavenly armour mentioned in the first line of the third stanza in the earlier hymn, is every bit of God’s word for a Christian’s spiritual safety. “A Christian must have the word of God readily hot in him/her to be discharged time to time not only against the enemies without (which are Satan and his hosts), also against the main enemy within, which is every person’s outward ‘self’ who is the chief or fore-most enemy against a man’s ‘two inner-self’, which are man’s spirit and soul, which constitute every individual ‘core spiritual him or her, otherwise known as “the inner-man”.

Regrettably, acting forcefully against God is this man’s outward Self, which is “a man’s carcass of mere mobile dust or sands”,which is very wicked but, ironically and mysteriously serves as a physical defense, holder and house to the spirit and soul. And, it is this two (the spirit and soul) that are the basic and meaningful essence of God in all human beings, especially as Christians.

One of the keywords of God clearly states, ‘he that gets wisdom loves his own soul – (Prov. 19:8). Another God’s word says, ‘wisdom is better than strength’- (Eccl.9:16). God’s word also describes ‘wisdom’ as the principal thing – (Proverbs 4:7). A needed information secured is a foundation of wisdom. That is why any Christian who lacks the kind of divinely informative wisdom about the ‘two unseen opposing kingdoms’ which are (God’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom) we keep put in books time to time, such a Christian amounts to nothing in this life. 

The absence of such wisdom, forms part of the key reasons that are making many Christians to be ignorantly warming up daily so eagerly to go to hell in thoughts and actions. 
Now, let me start this way to reveal early enough as possible here. Let me first call your attention to the second and third lines of the first stanza of that hymn that says: 
               "Hear thy guardian angel say;
              ‘Thou art in the midst of foes"

Listen, these two statements stated above here being part of that hymn, keep me in remembrance of ‘the guardian angels assigned from God, and the giant angels from Satan, this second group of angels serve as enemies of man from birth’, mostly to be accusers of every Christian very early in life. 

In other words, ‘when a child is born newly, such a child is born into the waiting hands of two distinct groups of angels, these are: (a) guardian angels assigned from God and they are seven in number, and (b) the other group are giant angels, who are accusers or attackers angels assigned from the pit of hell by Satan, and are twenty-one in number.  While the assigned God’s angels deliver God’s blessings and protective values automatically till the child gets to the age of accountability (knowing the right from wrong), that is the stage the guardian angels will now be working on what that child says out, especially in term of prayers. Satan’s angels on the other side, are right from the birth of the child serve as ‘accusers’ and attackers, generally to constantly accusing and seek to attack the child in the presence of those guardian angels assigned by God. 

They keep presenting several reasons why such a child is their own property. In fact, backing up their arguments from the Bible as to spiritual legal ground they have to accuse and attack such a child. Some of those things they see as errors or ground on which they can freely attack a fellow very early from birth are: 

(a) the child’s wrong/faulty family foundation, such as, the sin or iniquity of the fore-fathers. 

(b) The sin/iniquity of either or both parents before or when the child was being conceived in the womb. 

(c) The presence of an incision put on a child from infancy which he/she is still bearing at adulthood without breaking the satanic power attaching to it. This attacks may be strengthened or not, it depends on the type and meaning of any name or name given him or her on the eight day. 
This creates a serious ground of accusation and the outright attacks against such a child by the hosts of darkness. 

(d) Any particular demonic material such as protective charm, together with demon-inspired fashion-related material and so on find hung on the neck, waist and any part on the body of such a child. 

(e) Even, mere registering with and going through some pregnancy checks and tests at a maternity home owed by a native (occult) doctor by a pregnant or nursing mother. 

(f) Drinking and feeding from a strange food or concoction prepared by a native (occult) doctor by a pregnant woman. These afore-listed are odds against a child as she/he grows in life. In other words, these evil angels continuously resisting every attempt at getting that child achieved his or her God’s ordained destiny in life. And God’s ordained overall destiny for all mankind, especially Christians is the promise of eternal life. And this is what Satan and his hosts mostly focus at to take away from the life of every Christian. Let me quickly explain the meaning of pit of hell. 

Pit of hell, which you do hear people mention casually and which I equally mention here, is not connected with the real hell created for Satan and his hosts for their eternal punishment and suffering but, it is a likeness of that real hell created. That is, the pit of hell here, is a pit-related strikingly horrible an abode, which is a special abode for some special wicked demons whose population runs into 6.6 billion found at the 75th realm known as the highest realm of the marine kingdom. 

This huge population of wicked demons are reserved for two eternally destructive tasks or duties: (a) to primarily be assigned as accusers against a child from birth especially a potential heaven-bound Christian, with special attention importantly being paid to the list of such Christians who would be ministers of God later in life. (b) Secondly, these are the demons already trained and whose spiritual attacking expertise is cross-examined by Satan on daily basis, and are assigned against the church, specifically to rest assured that no Christian go to heaven. 

These demons are in 3 classes and are against 3 classes of Christians. These demons have been on the loose for active secret operation since 1960, exactly fifty four years as at the time of writing this book in 2014. 

The first class of these demons are assigned to cause every Christian who goes to church willingly to suddenly see the reason not to go again. To be targeted and possessed with the spirit of weariness by coven named "Gonshabra". The second class of these demons are coven called "Nahazatma", assigned against a Christian who is stable, fervent and generally doing well in the faith but targeted to be manipulated for back-sliding in the spirit, by going into various kinds of secret sins (even such a Christian can still be physically fervent, it does not matter). Satan will see that such a Christian never finds his/her spiritual feet back again into his/her spiritual senses of living away from his/her secret sin that will eventually lead him/her to hell. Any Christian in this category is quickly attacked and be killed because they used the legal ground of secret sins as a launching base. That is why there is a case of a Christian who committed suicide to avoid the open shame of the leakage of one secret sin or another.

The third which is the last and most determined and wicked witchcraft marine dragon spirits, happen to be the co-coordinators for the two classes already mentioned. They are "Gihizabris" demons recruited from a smoky and repulsively smelling region by coven named "Atachia-zebibi. It is one of the few tiny regions in the pit of hell. Pit of hell comprises several regions, most of which are wide caves in nature.  The said class of demons recruited from this region of the pit of hell are specifically assigned against the church leaders, in the ranks of founders of churches (to be brought into eternal damnation at all cost). I mean, church leaders such as General Overseers, Assistant General Overseers (G.Os, A.G.Os), Regional or Provincial pastors, all senior pastors and other ministers heading one group or another in their ministries. 

Even, including Sunday schools, theological schools, and evangelism departmental heads and so on. Note, most of these afore-mentioned ministers must have been seen by Satan and his hosts as those who are heaven-bound (the potential saints who are on their way to Eternal Life). So, they are not just after ordinary minister of God. 

A cross-section in the class of these same demons are equally assigned and trained for keep for eternal torture of any General Overseer and any other church leader who will unluckily trade away his or her eternal life in exchange of hell fire. It will be most hellishly pathetic that day for such a minister to find him/herself in hell. 
It is very sad to note today that Satan is having an edge through this class of special demons, to have tactically and successfully  manipulated a great number of our leaders in the Church today to have carelessly, without ‘taking heed’ (1Cor. 10:12), fallen in love with the world. Satan keeps using their positions as cheap and effective tools against them. Yet, Satan is seriously desiring more than ever to lead as many of our church leaders to hell. 

“Most of our fathers in the faith today are living and behaving as if they are babes in the body of Christ. They act the kind of lives best be likened to a child who is sent on an important errand to deliver a priceless crown made of precious stones to a king somewhere. But instead of strictly facing his way and carefully keeping watchful and mindful of the precious crown given to him, he lost caution and chooses to be momentarily waiting along his way to stare at and play with every shinning thing that looks seemingly attractive to him. He moves along handling the crown carelessly, heading toward the forfeiture of the crown and making the entire journey to be tailored toward meaninglessness and sorrow”. 

Another clear analogy is that most of our church leaders, especially the General Overseers are acting like some earthly army generals who have different respective battalion of army in an atmosphere of a war front in a fierce battle. But suddenly in the midst of the ongoing battle in the war front for that matter, they start watching films being shown from a large screen, as a result, they are getting carried away by several side attractions of mere shinning and so seemingly attractive materials. These are what the Generals and their troop are busy picking at the battle field, filling their bags with those materials which become a needless weights disturbing them to fight better fight unlike when they started. This is the direct position of our church leaders today.

In fact, the case of these church leaders, our General Overseers and others bothers God seriously. I mean, those who and their ministries started well on the right footing of holiness but suddenly becoming sick, dying and dead in preaching and teaching of holiness message. God may not really bother or mindful of the case of those who started their ministries purely on worldly platform. Beside the sudden failure of cross section of church leaders to preach and teach holiness, a serious canker-worm that is increasingly eating its way so deep into the spiritual fabric of the church today are: 

The abnormal acquisition of property in the way of the world.
Keeping abnormally busy in investing excessively in structures in the church rather than in souls and evangelical works.
Bringing the activities like sport, game and other things that are practically of the world to be found in the church. 

High abnormal rate of selfish style of turning themselves into gospel merchants or business men, floating and financing all manner of businesses, especially all categories of school whose charges are chasing away the children of the poor in the church whose tithes and offerings form the bulk of money being enjoyed, looted and laundered away to personal accounts of the individual(s) who himself or themselves found at the top echelon of the church. These and many other character-disorder as canker-worms remain one of the avenues and weapons to cause them to loose spiritual focus by engrossing their minds with so much lust for the acquisition of perishable things and quest for worldly fame and attainment against what they were initially called and anointed to do. 

The class of demons from the pit of hell, act in a very dangerous kind of destructively civilized way by trying to first allow (not posing any attack) against the seeming prosperity of most of this great number of church leaders today. Satan has at this end time as it were, using the adequate riches of this world acquired by these church leaders, as weapons to ceaselessly attack them with conscious and unconscious incurable desire to amass more mundane things of this world. The damning quest to have this and that has actually rendered their spirit of discernment dead, if they ever had one at all. to perfect his trick, Satan as doctored for them some lies as excuses to be presented as to why they acquire those mundane things and to why they introduce football in the Church. O Oh h, sorry they are using football as  means of evangelism in the Church. WHICH EVANGELISM? You can imagine such a lie from the pit of hell. Brethren, this is unfortunate. Either the devil like it or not, I must expose him (the devil) by constantly telling this bitter truth for the sole sake of those, whose eternal destiny is at stake here. God will punish me if I do not deliver this message and others still coming. 
You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32). The choice is yours!